Lifelong Learning
Now is the time to live your dreams and grow your mind in new ways. Del Webb is working with Road Scholar, the world’s largest not-for-profit educational travel organization, to give you exclusive rates on some unforgettable adventures. From ‘A Taste of Costa Rica’ to backstage on Broadway, there’s a whole world of ideas and knowledge out there just waiting for you to explore. Closer to home, Sun City Festival has its very own ASU Lifelong Learning Academy partnering with the Arizona State University to offer informal classes in a broad range of subjects. How broad?


  • Literature, poetry, and memoir writing
  • Financial Planning and Investing
  • Computer Classes – novice to expert
  • Foreign Language classes

If you have a yearn to learn, you can fulfill it at Sun City Festival.

Clubs/Classes Volunteering

Each day is as full, and fulfilling, as you want it to be.

To help you energize your body, mind and spirit, Sun City Festival provides the amenities and support you need to keep growing as an individual.

Looking for a place to start? Log on to Here, on the community’s own web portal, you’ll find neighborhood news, important dates, upcoming events, class schedules, group outings and more. It’s also great for social networking via message boards, chat sites and links.

From clubs and classes to opportunities to give back to the community through volunteering, you’ll find plenty of ways to challenge yourself and get involved.


is this a smart time for you to “retire smart?”

There’s no law that says you have to retire to live like it now. At Del Webb that’s what we call “smart retirement.” It starts with not having to choose between quality and affordability in a home. It’s having world class amenities that promote health and wellness, and countless opportunities for personal growth, right in your own backyard. And of course, it’s having neighbors who take fun as seriously as you do. Come join us at Sun City Festival by Del Webb. And see if it feels as smart to you as it does to all of us who live here.